Becoming an owner operator is one of the many hard choices one has to thoroughly research on and assess before doing. This is especially the case if you were a payroll truck driver and thus had a guaranteed pay and other benefits. When looking to join owner operator companies you need to first assess the company you are joining and all aspects about it and then figure a strategy on how to maintain your truck or the form of transportation you intend to use. This helps reduce the costs you will incur and also guarantee that you join a company that has a good reputation as well as a good relationship with owner operators. You can look at Status Transportation reviews, Status Transportation Corp Winter Garden FL to see what people think of the corporation. We offer a good support team and flexibility in schedules. As the driver, you get to choose when you work and when you do not. You can also choose what you carry. There is also an accounting department set specifically to handle settlements and other financial matters.

Status Transportation Atlanta Reviews

Tips to Succeed

It is important to have a strategy for success even as an owner operator. Status transportation gives you flexibility in choosing what you want and how you want to do it which could disillusion you.

Manage your time schedules wisely – As you may have seen from Status Transportation reviews, Status Transportation Corp Winter Garden FL, we allow you to choose when you want to take a delivery and the good you wish to carry. Our support team works with you to plan your deliveries according to the time you are available. It is however important to note that the more you are available the more you make. All you have to do is plan home time such that the hours you are at home are the hours you are needed most there. Having a non-fluctuating schedule also means that you can be trusted with emergency deliveries which increases your popularity.

Be open to different commodities – You may have restrictions on the type of goods that you transport which is good. It is however important to look at the costs you will incur transporting them vs. the benefits. You do need to transport all goods you are asked to but having some level of flexibility is a good strategy for success. The best owner operator companies will allow you to choose but it is also best to be flexible.

Expand the regions you cover – Status transportation operates a large area with some loads being hauled into Canada. This means that a lot of regions have to be covered. It is also part of the reason that we manage to have business all year round. Expanding the regions you can cover works best for you since you will be eligible for many transportation gigs. You will however have to match them with your time schedule to avoid missing out on home.

Take advantage of company services provided – The Status Transportation reviews, Status Transportation Corp Winter Garden FL are a good source of information on status transportation. The company is owner operator based which guarantees that owner operators are our main concern. Various services are provided. As part of your success you need to take advantage of such services as they help you reduce costs. These include Fuel cards and a fuel discount program. There are also direct deposits that make it easy to access your money. They also provide IFTA calculation services and give cash advances. Other than that we have referral rewards. We also give you an option to choose between OTR and regional runs. Status transportation can also provide a trailer and maintain it for the owner operator.

Status Transportation offer opportunities for owner operators with tractors only or those with a tractor and a trailer. It could be a flatbed, dry van or reefer. Those with tractors will be offered a dry van or flatbed by the company. The benefits offered are no forced dispatches, a good support team and no touche freight. Settlements are normally done weekly and the deposits are made directly to your bank account. This offers convenience and flexibility.

Why you need a business plan before joining Status Transportation Dallas TX

The truck you own today is not just a means of transport. It is a crucial asset in your owner operator business that can determine how far you will go as a business. But beside the trucks and flatbeds, every truck driver in the truck industry must always have a solid financial and truck maintenance plan if they are to work smoothly and earn stable income out of the business. Read below and learn how status transportation has managed to thrive in this industry in ways you can surely attain as well.

You need finances to satisfy regulations

Every truck, dry van and reefer on the roads of this country has to pass safety and road regulations before being licensed to haul goods. In addition, there are multiple trade licenses, clearance certificates and fees you will have to pay before being allowed to work with any owner operator business. As for your trucks, having poorly maintained roads is only a disaster waiting to happen in your business. The government, through its transport authority bodies is also not very lenient to truck drivers. Each new truck is subjected to scrutiny by the feds for several months just to ascertain that your new owner operator company is safe in terms of having non-hazardous materials and to affirm that your drivers are qualified and licensed.

To afford trucking equipment

If you have ever dreamt of becoming one of the best owner operator companies in the industries, you surely need to be equipped with enough trucking equipment. In fact, buying trucks and trucking equipment is the most difficult step for aspiring truck owners. However, with a good finance and auditing plan, with good business advisers and legal contacts, you can easily get great deals for both new and old equipment. It is also important to be sure about the quality of the equipment you have. At status transportation Dallas TX for instance, having enough and well maintained trucking equipment has been a great boost in operating for longer periods of time without incurring expenses costs by truck breakdowns.

To limit loans and expenses

Loans are important to any trucking business, they help take businesses to great heights if borrowed and used properly. However, having too many loans and unnecessary expenses can quickly bring your trucking business down in a matter of months. Additionally, any non-forced dispatch company that wants to grow without having to take necessary pressure from their employers must also be well credited in order to access business growth loans and overdrafts. But banks and other financers don’t always give loans to transportation companies if their credit scores are poor.

To afford living expenses

It would make no sense for status transportation Dallas TX Company to have many trucks on the roads and no money in the banks. Our main goal has always been to satisfy our customers through solid and profitable partnerships, and this we have only achieved because our financial and auditing departments have been exemplary. The same case should apply to any owner operator truck based company; have enough finances, and make realistic budgets. In fact, ensure that your budget for the first few months covers several months ahead of the pay day, because there are always unforeseen circumstances in this business.

Final Thoughts

At status transportation, we offer each of our truck owners someone to coordinate with in the business, so that they can always choose the loads and goods to be dispatched by their trucks. We believe that this interaction adds efficiency and more passion among our drivers, because it is not only the right thing for them, but what any owner operator would dream of.