Owens Corning New Roof Insulation and Other Innovations

Modern roofing methods and innovations are continuously changing the structure of buildings. They’re also transforming the way people view roofing. These changes were largely responsible for the popularity of metal roofing as a popular building and house roofing material. Although, newer trends are rapidly making use of other materials like bamboo, slate, clay, and eco-friendly roofing materials.



However, as far as roofing trends are concerned, these changes can’t be ignored. While most people focus on the technological improvements in roofing materials, it’s important to remember its role in climate change adaptation. Roofing technologies have been adapted to make buildings more energy-efficient and weather-resistant. Metal roofing, for instance, has become more weather resistant and more energy efficient. In fact, asphalt shingles have been replaced by rubber, clay, or other synthetic materials to become more weather resistant.


The use of more synthetic roofing materials, like tar and asphalt shingles, is a key innovation. Metal shingles look attractive and durable. But there are downsides to metal shingles. These shingles tend to deteriorate faster than asphalt shingles. And because of this, they require frequent replacement. The idea of using eco-friendly materials such as clay tiles or clay roofing materials offers a combination of both aesthetics and durability.


Another major innovation in roofing technology is the development of solar roofing technology. This new type of roofing utilizes solar panels as roofing materials. These panels harness the sun’s power and change it into electric energy, which can then be transformed into lighting. The electrical energy used can then be used to light up the house. And since it’s an environmentally friendly roofing solution, homeowners can expect its cost savings, which will ultimately translate to lower energy expenses.


The idea of combining aesthetics and energy efficiency has led to innovations in roofing construction. That’s why architects and roofing contractors now prefer the use of metal roofs. It offers both a stylish look and durability. It’s no surprise then that the demand for this type of roof has steadily increased over the past few years. In addition, the increase in demand has led to an improvement in the energy efficiency of this type of roof. Thus, it’s expected that the energy efficiency of roofing systems will also improve in the coming years.


Roof insulation is another important innovation in roofing technology. Much research has created better insulation materials, which are better at trapping heat and thus allowing homeowners to have much lower energy bills. This is particularly useful for homeowners who want to use solar roofing but are worried about the cost of installing the right type of insulation. Solar roofing insulation works by reflecting infrared light from the sun into the home, absorbed by the walls and floors. This means that the home is much cooler during the day and more comfortable at night.


These two roofing breakthroughs are just the beginning. There are many more innovations in the pipeline. The trick is to stay abreast of these innovations and learn how they’re helping homeowners save money while making their homes more attractive and comfortable. By staying on top of the latest innovations and new technologies, homeowners can ensure that they’re investing in not only the health of their finances but also in the health of the environment. Now that’s a sure way to save the planet!


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